Tortilla Española by Aja Pecknold


Find a person you like (or animal, or both or many) 

and a couple of handfuls of potatoes, any kind 

One yellow onion 

7 eggs, with brightest yolks possible 

Salt, pepper, parsley, paprika 

Slice potatoes and onions thin and round. 

Layer, with salt and pepps in a trusty cast iron of hot oil, 1/4 inch 

Cook over low, until pots are softish. 

Beat eggs with salt and pepper, pour into cast iron

Wait until eggs are set, 

Finish in oven at around 300, until top is firm to touch. 

Remove from over, flip onto plate. 

Cool, serve at room temperature, topped with parsley and paprika

In generous slices with friends & lovers for breakfast, lunch, dinner or midnight/morning/afternoon snacks.

*Aja is the creator of Unified Field Collective, a conceptual outlet for art, ideas and other select projects. She loves the display of light in Northern Iceland near the winter solstice, when the sunrises and sunsets dissolve into one low, abbreviated hum of what might be, as the days begin to grow longer. Also the brightness of the yolk of a really good egg. She lives.